Welcome to the Biomechatronics and Cognitive Engineering Research Lab (BACE Lab). Here, our main focus is to study human and his inherent capabilities. However, our approach is somehow a philosophical one; that is, we believe that the human is a creature with both physical and metaphysical aspects. Therefore, we use science and technology as tools to study the correlation between physics and metaphysics in the human being. We try to conduct the research in BACE Lab in such a way that this aim would be accessible more than ever.

Robotics and Biomechatronics, Dynamics and Control, and Processing of Biological Signals are the main axes of research in BACE Lab. In this regard, you might visit the research page.

Dr. Borhan Beigzadeh, Director of BACE Lab,
School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology.


Samaneh Badri defended her thesis

Mrs. Samaneh Badri, master student of BACE Lab, defended her thesis entitled at “Detecting the orientation of visual stimulus through the processing of EEG signals”. Samaneh Hamidreza has presented her work in XMech 2018 conference at IUST while her another paper is under preparation. Congratulation Samaneh!

Seyed Hamidreza Heidari defended his thesis

Mr. Seyed Hamidreza Heidari, master student of BACE Lab, defended his thesis entitled at “Design and Control of Soft Grasp Using Robotic Hand”. Hamidreza developed a hardware for his control approach while he had applied the approach to a model developed in ADAMS. Hamidreza has published a paper in a domestic journal while his another paper has …

New publication of Sohrab Najafian

A new paper of Mr. Sohrab Najafian has been published in the journal of “Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine” (IF: 2.503; 2017), entitled at “Fourier-based quantification of renal glomeruli size using Hou transform and shape descriptors“. Congratulation Sohrab! Sohrab is now a PhD student at the State University of New York (SUNY), Department of Optometry. We …

Prospective Students

Ph.D. Students

It is highly recommended that the student pursuing a Ph.D. position in the school of of ME, IUST, would contact Dr. Beigzadeh via email. Sending academic CV would be helpful. Overall research fields in the BACE Lab could be seen in Research page.

Master Students

Newly admitted students for master programs who are interested in the following research areas are encouraged to contact us:

  • Magnetic Drug Delivery/Targeting
  • Medical diognosis/ natural temperament classification using biological analysis of biofluids (blood plasma, blood serum, saliva, …)
  • Control and Robotics: Surgical Robotics, Passive Walking Mechanisms, Wearable Assistive Robotics, Rehabilitating Robotics
  • Color Perception Analysis Using EEG, EMG-based intention detection

Interested students who are admitted for new coming academic year, are needed to send their CV with a cover letter (including their contact information, admission information, and the fields which they are interested in), directly to b_beigzadeh at iust.ac.ir in order to be considered for a probable interview.


In the case of having any question, please feel free to contact us via the following form; if so, fulfill all fields and then express your question in the given text-box.